Microscopic Traffic Simulation Software

SwashSim is a traffic micro-simulation tool that employs state-of-the-art software architecture. This architecture is object-oriented and built on the C#/.NET framework programming model, which allows for a high level of extensibility and modularity. The new architecture also supports a high level of fidelity with respect to temporal and spatial modeling resolution. SwashSim uses a 0.1-second simulation time step. One of the key features of SwashSim is the ability to model individual vehicle characteristics and dynamics in great detail; thus, being able to account for the effects of roadway design features on vehicle performance with more accuracy than other simulation tools.

Developed by Dr. Scott Washburn

SwashSim is available (at no cost).

Note that SwashSim only runs on the Windows operating system and 64-bit CPU architecture. You also need version 4.5, or higher, of the .NET Framework installed on your computer. The installation process should give you a warning if you do not have the required version of the .NET Framework. But if you have any problem starting the program after installation, this should be the first thing to check. You can check which version of the .NET Framework you have installed in your Programs and Features section of the Control Panel. If needed, you can download the latest version, for free, from .NET Framework download link

To obtain the installation files for SwashSim, please contact Dr. Washburn (swash@ce.ufl.edu).

SwashSim Documentation (Wiki)

Example project files are available on GitHub.

Freeway project tutorial video on YouTube.

Screen recording of Lake Tahoe sample project animation here.

Start Screen

Freeway Facility Input Screen

Freeway Facility Animation Screen

Two-Lane Highway Input Screen

Two-Lane Highway Animation Screen

Signalized Intersection Animation Screen

Diverging Diamond Interchange Animation Screen

Two-Lane Highway Animation Video of Lake Tahoe Facility

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